Printed page smudging

Are you buying ink to print photos at home? Printing graphics, images and photos at home can be a cost-effective and efficient way to print photos and images for kids’ school projects, scrapbooks, art and craft activities and more.

But sometimes, without the proper know-how, you might find your ink smudging and smearing on the images when they print out. The first thing we recommend is to buy your ink from a trusted supplier as low-quality ink is the top reason for smearing and bleeding out of images.

If you’re still having issues here are the top four steps to take to stop ink from bleeding and smearing when printing images or photos from a home inkjet printer:

1) Paper type is important: Use a quick-drying paper to print images. Photo paper, unlike regular paper, is specially designed to dry faster than standard copy paper. You can also find many specialty papers from your local office supply store that come with smudge-proof coatings.

2) Use high quality ink:  If you have a photo printer you can buy high-quality ink designed to be smear-resistant and quick drying. Test a few images and see how they print out. If you’re buying brand new compatible or refilled ink cartridges, you must buy them from a reliable supplier to ensure you’re getting the best quality ink for your dollar.

3) Patience is vital:  Sometimes we want to immediately hold our creative work! But, be patient. Let the ink dry completely after printing and don’t touch or move the paper for a few minutes. For this reason it is best to not to print several images at once.

4) Seal and Protect:  An art protectant or sealant (usually found in most art supply stores) can add a protective seal to your images. Hair spray is another alternative if you don’t have sealant on hand. Again, wait for the sealant to dry before touching your print.

SOURCE:  Island Blog