The Advantages of All-in-One Printers

The ‘onesie’ is very much en vogue these days and printers are no different. All-in-ones allow you to multi-task, but which one is best for you?

Technology is constantly evolving and keeping pace with our increasingly hectic lives. The popularity of gadgets such as tablets, android and smart phones is primarily based on their increasing functionality; they enable us to do more. It’s exactly the same for printers.

Traditionally, printers would merely perform the singular function they were designed for, which was to print documents, but these days you can find models that scan, print and photocopy. Some even fax as well, and quite often for the same price.

Not surprisingly, many consumers associate all-in-one printers with office or business use. However, just think of those occasions when you need to photocopy important documents or fax pertinent details as well as print. An all-in-one allows you to do all of these things and with less manuals and cables. And if something goes wrong, there’s only one product to fix, one helpline to call.

You can save space, too. Using all or some of the above products can be bulky and impractical. It often involves multiple wires and plugs. All-in-ones free up space for your home or office and, if your carbon footprint is important to you, you’ll be using less electricity, too.

There’s no doubting that if you’re after particularly high-quality printing (for images perhaps, or professional use) or speed for larger volumes, then a specific printer for your needs may be more suited. But for those of you who simply want to print and have other facilities at your fingertips, then the all-in-one is perfect.

And believe it or not, they can be inexpensive. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always pay more for multiple functionality.

So, multi-tasking has never been so easy. Simply leave your preconceptions about all-in-ones behind and you could save space and money and improve your efficiency.

Like we said earlier, ‘onesies’ are the way forward

SOURCE: PrinterNet