Generic Toner Cartridge

Choosing to go Compatible

With generic or compatible ink and toner cartridges you'll score massive savings on your printing costs. We answer all your most burning questions in this article.

Brother Printer

Busting Printing Frustration – A User’s Experience

Do you often sit with your hands in your hair with printing issues – especially when cartridges are low. You're not alone. A user shares his worst experiences.

Remanufactured Cartridges

Three Myths about Compatible Toner Busted

You've heard about generic (also called compatible) cartridges, but don't know what is fact and what is fiction. We bust three of the most common misconceptions.

Cartridge Storage

Best Practices for Storing Cartridges

You've just bought a lot of cartridges from us, including extras for future use. Storing them incorrectly can lead to wastage. Here's a guide how to do it right.

Save on Ink

More Tips to Conserve Ink

Don't end up spending more than you have to on printing. Besides buying our cartridges, here are some more tips to reduce the high cost of putting ink to paper.

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