Cheap Printer

Tips to Reduce Printing Expenditure

A big consideration when buying a printer is the running costs. And obviously you don't want to compromise on quality. This will help you choose the right printer.

Ghost text on laser print

Correcting Ghost Images on Laser Printers

Do you get faded text and graphics underneath what you wanted to print? This is called ghosting. And fixing it might be easier than you suspect. Find out how.

Printer Specifications

Understanding Printer Specifications

CPI, DPI, LCD, CPI – what, what? Do you find printing jargon and terms a mystery? This article aims to clarify most of the terms used in printer specifications.

Unclogging printer heads

Easily Unclog Dirty Print Heads

Print quality not what it used to be? The problem might be clogged print heads. Besides running a cleaning cycle, here are some other things to try to fix it.

Buying a Laser Printer

A Guide to Buying a Printer

There are a myriad of options to choose from when buying a new printer. We give you some pointers to help you find the printer best suited to your requirements.

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