Paper Jam

Five Tips to Help Prevent Paper Jams

Oops, it happened again – a paper has jammed in your printer. Often it is a easy fix, but sometimes it is not. This guide will help you with the common issues.

Curled Printer Paper

How to Prevent Curling Paper

Are your prints coming out curled? It is a common occurrence, especially with laser printers. Here we explain why this happens and how to prevent curling.

T-shirt transfer paper

Make Your Own T-Shirts with these Transfer Paper Tips

Got a great idea for a T-shirt? Make it a reality! Here's a guide to using iron-on paper. And it has other applications too – aprons, pillowcases and even wood.

Inkjet Printing

How to Handle Inkjet Paper Correctly

A common misconception is that paper for inkjet printers are all the same. Coated or photo paper, glossy or matte, extra care is needed when using inkjet paper.

Printer Paper

Choosing the Right Paper for the Job

Knowing which paper to use for a job can make a big difference in the results you achieve. We simplify the basics so you don't have to guess which paper to pick.

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