Printer out of order

The Secret Printer Companies Are Keeping From You

People with inkjet printers have all considered, if not tried, clone inks from third-party vendors. It's way cheaper, often by as much as 90 percent.

Printer frustrations

Cheap Ink: What Will It Cost You?

Printer manufacturers sell their printers on the cheap and then make bank on expensive consumables like ink.

Cheap Printer

Tips to Reduce Printing Expenditure

A big consideration when buying a printer is the running costs. And obviously you don't want to compromise on quality. This will help you choose the right printer.

Ghost text on laser print

Correcting Ghost Images on Laser Printers

Do you get faded text and graphics underneath what you wanted to print? This is called ghosting. And fixing it might be easier than you suspect. Find out how.

Printer Specifications

Understanding Printer Specifications

CPI, DPI, LCD, CPI – what, what? Do you find printing jargon and terms a mystery? This article aims to clarify most of the terms used in printer specifications.

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